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Toronto-born Nix Correa has a dazzling voice that reflects the old and new sounds of pop and R&B. Having been heavily influenced by 90s-pop divas and old-school crooners, Nix has found her niche with the combination of these two styles. The result is soulful pop music packing a punch. With a comprehensive musical upbringing that included singing in jazz ensembles and studying the classical violin for 10 years, Nix’s diverse musical knowledge informs her songwriting. At the age of 14, she became a published writer after winning a Young Adult poetry competition, which inspired her to fuse her innate writing and vocal talents. Since then, Nix’s advanced songwriting capabilities have earned her semi-finalist positions in the Music City Songstar Competition (2018, 2019), UK Songwriting Competition (2019), International Songwriting Competition (2019), the Great American Song Contest (2019), and many more.


Teaming up with multi-platinum producer Roy Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson) on her bold and jazzy tracks “My Baby” and “Agent X” allowed Nix to hone in on her sound. A collaboration with award-winning singer-songwriter Mat “Songsbury” Teofilo (Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Diplo) on the moving ballad “Six Feet Under” showed off the powerful, emotional side of Nix’s songwriting. Her singles, "Tastes Like Sugar" and "Playing With Fire,” co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter Ethan Hulse, pair the dance-worthy melodies of modern pop music with Nix’s irresistibly smooth vocals. The tracks have earned placements in MTV’s Ghosted and Siesta Key. Her latest single, “The Key” produced by multi-platinum and award-winning producer duo Kuya Productions, is a powerful anthem of liberation and self-discovery.

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