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This Pandemic is Killing My Vibe

I don't know about y'all but this pandemic and (what seems to be perpetual - actually maybe it is? ugh...) lockdown is killing my vibe.

Day in and day out - morning and night - I am home. Except for the occasional grocery run, mid-afternoon walk to make sure my legs still function, and the occasional drive on empty streets to keep the car running, you will find me dwelling in my house.

I find I spend most of my free time writing new music and perfecting my voice - scales, breaking down riffs, perfecting challenging songs by the incomparable Yolanda Adams - which in foresight, is great - I am working on my craft! (Right..?) But I can't help feel stuck and on edge...and I wonder if other musicians feel the same way right now. HIT ME UP IF YOU DO.

On the bright side, all this free time has allowed me to discover amazing new music. And music can heal even the deepest wounds and fill the darkest rooms with light. So I thought I'd share some of the new music (that I've had on repeat may I add) that has helped me get through this past week. Let me know which one is you're fave:

1. BOYSHIT - Madison Beer

2. BEST FRIEND - Saweetie (feat. Doja Cat)

3. LINE BY LINE - JP Saxe, Marren Morris

Until next week...

All of the hugs and kisses,


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